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New book explores humanity while thoughtfully re-examining creation story

“In the Beginning: The Journey of Awakening into the Awareness of Universal Truth” by Christa April Lamb revisits ancient stories of human beginnings to show why we are who we are today

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. – Reiki master, spiritual teacher and healer Christa April Lamb re-examines the story of Adam and Eve from a point of view free of judgment or blame in her recent release. Written for those interested in the more liberal side of religion, philosophy, religious history and metaphysics, “In the Beginning: The Journey of Awakening into the Awareness of Universal Truth” (ISBN 1477407154) is a thought-provoking read for the inquisitive, wandering mind.

“In the Beginning” discusses our evolution from a singular perfect being in paradise alone to a pair of creations that begin a conscious exploration into a new world. Becoming aware of the consequences of our choices, this new world we’ve created out of the previous one has gone on to become our greatest teacher. Continually evolving in awareness of who we are and why we are here, the book aims to show us that all we have to do is wake up from our sleep and embrace our evolution into one complete human being.

Highlighting where we are as a species, “In the Beginning” explains why we are still stuck on issues such as race and sexual orientation and how we can begin to rise above them. Furthermore, the book tackles why we emphasize greed over sharing, place the individual above the community and place blame rather than take collective responsibility.

Focusing on whether society can grow past its issues and become more than it currently is, the book strives to determine if we are evolving or devolving as a society.

By answering these questions and showing readers the reasons behind our current state, Lamb hopes to share the one single truth she has found. According to Lamb, “in love, we are one and our differences are not what divide us but when embraced are what makes us whole.”

“In the Beginning: The Journey of Awakening into the Awareness of Universal Truth” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:
Christa April Lamb is a Reiki master, spiritual teacher and healer who conducts lectures and workshops around the North Shore of Massachusetts. She is a spoken-word poet, an active member of Boston’s Arlington Street Church and a volunteer ESL teacher for the Welcome Project in Somerville. Believing we are all spiritually gifted, Lamb owns and operates The Universal One website, where she teaches that the greatest experience we gain is through living a life within the awareness of universal truth. She currently lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts with her dog, Freddy.

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