Heaven in your Eyes

If I had the words to speak
I’d say heaven was in your eyes—
I’d fill you with the desires of
My heart
I’d promise you more than
A world bloated on greed or
Stars burning beyond
The realm of
I’d promise you
Love, love
Simple and pure
With no conditions of
Who you are
Or who I might
Dream you to be
I’d never ask beyond desire
Or hope beyond
Truth that you
Might be mine—
Because ownership of
Your beauty is
Destined to resign in
The ground from which we
Were born

I would move
Delicate yet
With certainty
Carving a path into
Your heart that
Twists and turns
Guided by
My flowing words
So eloquent as to
Harness the melody of
A poet’s passion in
The beating of
The rhythm in
The sounds of
A heart
Your lips would
Take in my voice
And my breath
Would meet yours
Merging with
These words and
In our lungs
We would breathe
Each other in and
Your truest beauty
Would be held in
My heart–
If only I could talk
As I write—
I would have the words
To know this heaven I
See in your
Eyes and
You’d know
The desires of
My heart.
CL Aug 2011