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In the Beginning…

We had paradise. We were one perfect being who wanted for nothing on the earth but we had to grow. We were whole yet incomplete. So we fell into a deep sleep and out of one we became two. We saw eye to eye for the first time because through the creation of woman and man we saw outside the self. And this started our conscious journey of exploration into a new world.

But it was a world we knew nothing of. And in a moment of self realization we would become aware of the consequences of our choices. We would create our world out of the world given to us and it has become our greatest teacher. We are evolving in our awareness of who we are and why we are here.

This is the generation of awakening, the moment we embrace the evolution of our species into one complete being -the human being. As human beings we are meant to move forward as One. We are in the greatest stage of our spiritual evolution, the stage where two become one, and as one we start a new beginning. All we need to do is wake up and see ourselves as evolving beings who can choose to move forward and regain paradise from within where it has patiently waited for us since the dawn of time.

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