About Christa

I’m the person standing in the corner looking out over a room full of people. I listen to their conversations. I hear their pains, frustrations, and disappointments. Personally, I may only share some of it, but I will seek to understand all of it. I am sort of a black sheep who blends in with the crowd. I’m different; yet, you might just miss me if you weren’t paying attention.

However, I’ll notice you. I’ll hear you. I might not speak directly to you, but your struggles I will share. My words will become inspiration for that day when you are ready to heal your pain. Inside, I have a tremendous amount to share because in this world, I have observed so much outside of myself. And what I see is a world full of people who are desperate for a better perspective within this life. If you want to argue, I’ll stand quiet. If you want to fight, I’ll gracefully bow down, but I will listen to what you have to say, to the words that speak division, fear, and anger. In understanding I will hold it, but I will not let it become me. Instead, these pages will fill with all the things said in the world that divide us from the truth of our collective greatness.  And most of the people spreading hate and negativity won’t even recognize their words in the words that will fill these pages. Their words will have been transformed. From now on, their words will be seen through hope, love, and charity for everyone who reads this.

This is my pasture of new perspective and I’m sharing it with you. If you want to renew your heart in universal love, if you want a positive view on highly debated subjects, and would like to renew your hope in humanity then this blog is for you.

Just keep in mind, I’m someone who will not scream or shout, or demand to be heard, but that’s just because I have no interest in being right and I’m not afraid of someone thinking I’m wrong. I’m only focused on the truths I have found in life and sharing these discoveries with you. I wish to share a brighter view with a nicer slant. Simply put, I’m just here to inspire!


Christa A. Lamb


More about this Author:

Christa, lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts with her very energetic dog Freddy. She is an avid life long student of universal spirituality and mysticism. A full time writer and seeker of truth, she has been actively sharing all she learns with others as she travels her path with other. Currently, she has started working on her second book on spiritual evolution, and she is more than happy to share her wisdom with those around her. Feel free to e-mail any questions and comments to christa@christalamb.com